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Cellink Battery Pack

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Enjoy BlackVue's parking mode with a peace of mind using the latest Cellink battery.

Cellink comes in two models, NEX and the new NEO 8+.
Cellink NEO 8+ with 7,500mAH comparing with NEX with only 3,000mAH.
NEO 8+ comes with Bluetooth built-in and communicates through smartphone app to check information such as charging and usable time with ease. It can be charged fully within 50 minutes. NEO 8+ has 5V USB 3.0 fast charging power outlet for mobile router or smartphone charging easily. 

Extended Battery for more capacity with ease


NEO comes with Extended Battery port which you can connect to the NEO Extended Battery to add 6,600mAH capacity to prolong the duration for parking mode.
Multiple Extended Battery units can be connected in sequence to provide even larger capacity.

Cellink NEO icons-01.png

Advanced technology
Rapid Charging Technology, charges fully within 40 minutes of driving
Advanced Microcontroller (MCU) for efficient charging control

Long lasting
High capacity battery (up to 96 Wh for Cellink NEO 8+)
Supplies up to 55 hours of power in parking mode (single-channel dashcam | model dependent)
Using the safest cell material, LiFePO4

Protects new car warranty
Supports cigar jack connection
Prevents electrical errors especially on continental cars
Prevents "Excessive Leakage Current" error on BMWs
Covered with product liability insurance of up to $500,000

Safety features
Protects car battery performance and life
Prevents sulphated battery (premature failure)
High temperature Cuts-Off and Protection Circuit Module (PCM)
Short Circuit Protection Control

Long cycle life up to 2,000 cycle
Stable performance

Approved and used by most car agents in Singapore
Stable and reliable product from Republic of Korea
Certified with CE standard; meeting high safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Learn more about the product here


What's included?

NEX package:

  • NEX 3,000mAH Battery Pack x 1
  • Cigar jack charging input cable x 1
  • Female socket output cable x 1
  • Velcro tape x 2
  • Manual x 1


NEO 8+ package:

  • NEO 7,500mAH Battery Pack x 1
  • Hardwire charging input cable x 1
  • Female socket output cable x 1
  • Split 3 wires output cable x 1
  • 20A Fuse x 2 
  • Fuse Tap cable x 2
  • Velcro tape x 2
  • Manual x 1


NEO Extended package:

  • NEO Extended 6,600mAH Battery Pack x 1
  • Link charging cable x 1
  • Velcro Tape x 2
  • Manual x 1


Technical Specs

Cellink Spec page 1 (2020).png

Cellink Spec page 2 (2020).png

Power Duration:

Cellink Power Duration (2020).png

Package Info

WEIGHT: 1.8 kg
DIMENSIONS: 21 × 21 × 11 cm

Battery: NEX, NEO 8+ or NEO Extended battery pack

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